Apache Flex mobile app performance tuning articles

Hi all,

i’ve spent a while reading this docs but, it’s worth the price i paid for them: FREEE!!!

If you have flex mobile app performance problems try with this simple tuning information…. you’ll see.


HTML Automatic language redirect

Hi all, if you are building a site and your customer ask for a multilanguage site, well, just fallow this istructions and make him happy!!


or this one:



Flex Mobile Skinning with an fxg file!

Hi all,

here we go  with an another cool skinning example:

1) Create your graphics in Adobe illustrator, make and fxg

2) Import it in your flash builder

3) Create the skin class

4) call the skin class from your mxml or css

here it is the complete guide:



Experience using Google App Engine, Spring MVC and Flex

I had a look at Google App engine and some of the new features in Spring 3 (MVC).

I decided to create a platform for city ratings and –rankings. I polished the whole thing a bit in the hope to attract some visitors. I wonder if I can get some peaks in traffic to see how this service will perform in GAE under load outside of a stress test.

To see what I’m talking abput, a first version is up and running at CityClash.org. To read about my experience with Google App Engine read on after the screenshot….see more on http://www.hulstkamp.com/2011/04/12/experience-with-google-app-engine-spring-mvc-and-flex/613