Apache Flex mobile app performance tuning articles

Hi all,

i’ve spent a while reading this docs but, it’s worth the price i paid for them: FREEE!!!

If you have flex mobile app performance problems try with this simple tuning information…. you’ll see.


Grow your business with youtube and google adwords

Hi all, i’m spending a bunch of time studying new business channels  because a customer of mine asked me to design a new commercial campaign i he told me he wants a viral campaign… so here we go

youtube and google adword finally togeter to grow up your business.



have fun!!

Creativity: Parallax Scrolling Tutorial

Hi all, i was looking for a new and cool way to scroll a web page, i was bored of the usual super common web pages, so, here it is the solution: parallax scrolling technique!!

parallax what??? … here an example 


how can we do it?


or use the cool js http://markdalgleish.com/projects/stellar.js/docs/

here is it another but horizontally oriented…. cool http://css-tricks.com/examples/HorzScrolling/

here another with an another curious animation http://pehaa.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/myherbgarden/index.html