Adobe Flex: Detecting and handling a swipe left event on a listview

Hi all! I’m doing a a bit of research in due to clear up my doubts around implementation that i’m going to do.

So i was looking for a simple but cool solution to optimize space in my application and so here is a valid solution directly from an adobe evangelist team member:

Adobe Flex: adding a delete button in a list view item

Hi all, i was just a bit upset because i couldn’t find out a valid solution for an item i’m developing, buuuuuuutttt, tadaaaaaaaa! here is a valid solution to optimize the space in your app list view: a button that appears in a custom itemrender. So you can use this logic to implement a real complex itemrender.

I0S 6: How to open a pdf (or anything else) with your app

Hi all,

if you’re trying to show your ios app in the action sheet like the pic:

you must modify your info.plist app file by following this informations:

This link teach you how

and this is how your plist section appears after:


you can obviously add all the file types you want by looking up in the link i posted in this previous tutorial here.

Bye bye!! Angelo


Skinning a Flex Mobile Button with Bitmaps

He is working on a mobile app that requires a lot of skinning and since Flex 4 we’ve gotten a MUCH improved skinning model for Flex. Unfortunately, with Flex mobile, for performance reasons it’s a good idea to use ActionScript-only skins which means going back to the world of Flex 3 and diving into the component lifecycle a bit.



Problem in developing multi platform mobile apps? Try Adobe Flex 4.6

Hi all guys!

I just wanted to say that this flex 4.6 is really impressive! You can develop multi platform apps writing code only once!!!

I looked for this tutorial and i found it really useful!