Apache Flex mobile app performance tuning articles

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i’ve spent a while reading this docs but, it’s worth the price i paid for them: FREEE!!!

If you have flex mobile app performance problems try with this simple tuning information…. you’ll see.


Apache Flex: Open a PDF? how to show you app in action sheet “Open in…”!

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if you want your app to  be showed into the action sheet while you hold an mail attachment (like PDF or DOC or XML or your personal file format)… you have to manipulate the [your app]-app.xml file.

By simply adding the following information in the right section starting  in <iPhone> or  <android> (if you haven’t modified the file yet they should be commented and to make them working delete the comment tags):

<!– A list of plist key/value pairs to be added to the application Info.plist –>
        <!– A list of plist key/value pairs to be added to the application Entitlements.plist –>
<!– <Entitlements>
        </Entitlements> –>
<!– Display Resolution for the app (either “standard” or “high”). Optional. Default “standard” –>
<!– <requestedDisplayResolution></requestedDisplayResolution> –>

In orange the code to specify the PDF handling, if you want the DOC file type you should change the CFBundleTypeName & LSItemContentTypes with the correct values. You can find the LSItemContentTypes values in the previous article

iOS6, OSX: System-Declared Uniform Type Identifiers

Hi all, i’m try to look up a cool way to manage the device incoming documents (PDFs,PICs..and so on) in a new mobile app. As research is always mandatory i just started in having  a look in how ios manage documents and Doc API are groups and positioned into the OS.

Check out this page  that reports all the type an OS based system can manage.


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